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Johannie Warner, B.Juris, LLB - 25 Panorama Road, Panorama, Parow, Cape Town

About Us

We are a legal firm in South Africa. We are committed to providing legal assistance bearing in mind the economic constraints society has progressively established. Therefore we will provide legal assistance to members of the public directly.

The firm, Warner Attorneys, was founded in 2007, to establish a firm with a woman empowerment focus and to fill the shortage of attorney firms North of Cape Town.  

By providing access to professional Legal Services in the community, they, in addition, plan to supply a proper training and development experience for young candidate attorneys.

The aim of this site is to provide a platform where the public can be made aware if they are entitled to exercise any rights and have any duties which they legally have to fulfill.

Please note that while we endeavor to make Legal Advice as affordable as possible. Costs will be incurred when using certain features on our website. Please click here for a full list of fees. The fees list will also be sent upon receipt of any email from any prospective client.

Contact Us

Our office is always excited to hear from you. Please feel free to contact our office if you require any assistance. Also note that our office hours are from 08h30 until 17h00.

A consultation can also be arranged at our offices in the Western Cape. find us at

25 Panorama Road, Panorama, Parow, Cape Town


Our vision as a company consists of two elements, namely, to provide for affordable and quality legal advice, wills, contracts and employment contracts and secondly, to provide students and legal practitioners with invaluable case summaries and legal articles. We pride ourselves in empowering YOU.
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